Mulata Glow Body + Tanning Oil

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Mulata Glow body/tanning  oil

To bring the Sun’s kiss with you everywhere you go, to glow from within like after a long happy day at the beach, to indulge yourself with the best possible, that’s why we created Mulata Glow a 100% organic body glow/tanning oil made with an unique mix of tropical plants to get that golden goddess glow of your dreams. It'll leave your body smelling like chocolate & coconut and covered in reflective mineral particles. It's like paradise contained in a bottle!


  • SPF 9
  • Instant glow
  • Nourish & hydrates the skin
  • Does not contaminate water
  • Lasts more than 1 year without the use of preservatives  

Organic Ingredients

Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), Theobroma cacao (cacao oil), Daucus carota L extract (carrot extract), Bixa orellana extract (bija extract), gold mica.

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