Freedom Yoga Strap
Natural or Charcoal

Other colours & Patterns

Yoga is such a gift to humanity, we love it! But wandering around with the yoga mat in your hands or taking all the space of your bag is no fun so we came up with this minimal and eco~friendly design to carry it effortlessly, all you gotta do is grab and go. We took two of our favorite and most sustainable materials/plants and put them together in one simple yet timeless strap that will last for generations to come, if your dog doesn't find it of course xD talking from personal experience. But if it does find it, don't worry too much, it will bio-degrade back to nature, integrating instead of contaminating. Bamboo + Hemp a match made in Heaven on Earth to accompany you in such a grounding yet uplifting practice. Keep it away from dogs, they love to chew on bamboo

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