Our Materials

Eco~friendly materials we are currently using
▴ All our pieces are crafted in our own local Sol Luna Atelier

Recycled sources

ECONYL® regenerated nylon

This textile is 100% made from pre and post-consumer waste rescuing a variety of materials such as abandoned ghost fishing nets ( which makes up to at least 10% all marine debris) recovered by Healthy Seas,  fabric scraps from mills, carpet flooring and industrial plastic are collected from oceans and landfills globally.

No new resources. Just endless possibilities.

We use this for the solid colours only.

Polyester Spandex

Made from 81%  recycled post consumer PET & 19% Lycra®.

We use this for the prints only using digital stamping which consumes 0% of water and free from harmful substances for the environment and you.

Natulon® zippers 

Made from recycled materials such as PET bottles using Mechanical Recycling technologies.

YKK always tries to contribute to the environmentally-friendly society. 

Recycled Paper

For the notes, hang tags & shipping envelopes. Hand made by a team of local artisans.

Reused fabric scraps

Right next to our eco~atelier it’s Vivi’s parents furniture workshop, they also work with fabric so we collect all the waterproof fabric scraps they discard and use it to create reusable bags to pack your swimwear orders and non waterproof scraps to make our own shopping bags for in store purchase. This double function as the perfect beach bag or as a bag for your wetsuit after a fun day in the water.

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Natural sources


The most sustainable natural fiber in the market at the moment. Our favorite material to work with.

We use it for panty liners on some swimwear, all ready to wear pieces and some accessories. We will keep expanding the line product using this wonderful material, promised.

OCCGuarantee® organic cotton 

We use this in our towels, ready to wear and some accessories.

We are not a fan of cotton really because of its negative environmental impact yet we use the most sustainably grown cotton we know of which totally changed the game for us. The one we chose to work with does not use irrigation (only rain water), it is grown using biodynamic practices, no insecticide, their fields are free from pollutant machinery, it's grown here in America from Non GMO seeds. In conclusion this is the best cotton we have ever felt, seen and worked with, period.


We use this tropical abundant plant, locally sourced, in two of our products. We use the oil in our tanning/body oil Mulata Glow and the shell to handcraft some accessories for the swimwear.

Natural Dyes

Yes, slowly but steadily we are making our way through and into the magical world of natural colors, using plants as our dying allies we are discovering a new passion and future for Freedom. Our goal is to grow most of the plants right here at Sol Luna and source the others from sustainable suppliers only. It’s a new door that has opened for us and we are so fascinated with the possibilities.

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